Map your Home

Have you always wanted to get to know your home better? Do you have to entertain the kids somehow? Or maybe you just have some more time and want to make your first map?

Then let’s start and map your home with our new symbol set.

The following three steps will give you a good start.

#1: If you are not yet working with OCAD, download and install OCAD Trial. Choose the Orienteering Edition.

#2: Download the MapYourHome_SymbolSet.ocd from our website or directly here.

#3: Watch this short video on YouTube, which helps you to set up a map.

Fantasy Home Sample Map

If you want to learn more about OCAD and how to use it, please go to the OCAD Quick Start Wiki page. For more advanced users, we can recommend the Tutorial Drawing Orienteering Maps in OCAD.

16 thoughts on “Map your Home

  1. Andrea Schneider

    Seems suitable also for classrooms, maybe even school gymnasiums. Any comments on whether there is something of that kind available too? Or add things to this set?

  2. Peter Brooke

    Hi this looks really good, can we share this blog link on British Orienteerings Orienteering at Home page? We’re creating a page with useful resources of our own plus links to different activities and sites such as yours that we think will really engage with our members. Many Thanks

  3. Ed Hicks

    This is a great addition to the Ocad family of symbol sets.
    With this set children can learn to draw maps of a familiar environment.
    My granddaughter who lives with us loves to draw maps with Ocad. This symbol set will be more relevant.
    After drawing a map of a home the Course Setting Module could be used to set courses within the house.
    The 2 inch control markers would be ideal to use in this application. Also treasure may be place or hidden at the control site.
    Also with school being out there could be a variety of education activities could be placed at the control sites. I often do this as part of my school programs. I like to this a “Discovery O”
    This then could be expanded to the yard.
    Remember that symbols can be copied and pasted from one set to another. You might combine symbols from the classroom and schoolyard sets.
    If you need help with Ocad I may be contacted at

  4. Jane Crawford

    I’ve tried to download the symbol set for mapyourhome, but the link takes me directly to the text file of the code – how do I save it as an ocd file please?

  5. Tomáš

    Cannot run Map YourHome SymbolSet.ocd in version 10. Incorrect format this symbols. The symbols valid for higher versions of cad.

  6. Dean

    the symbol set is genuinely nice, and it is a powerful addition to the current symbol sets.
    How do I map another floor and still include it in the same map? I have never tried doing that before.
    Sincerely, Dean.


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