Monthly Archives: March 2018

OCAD 2018 IS HERE! Efficient and Carefree Team Work

OCAD 2018 has been released. Despite new functions we have used this opportunity to introduce some major changes:

Efficient and Carefree Team Work
Thanks to the subscription option OCAD 2018 for Teams you can transfer your license to others immediately and in an easy way. Everybody involved in your team works with the same and most current version.

Change to the Subscription Model
By introducing the Subscription Model, you can purchase OCAD 2018 for one or three years. During this time, OCAD will constantly be updated with new functions and adapted to the latest standards and developments.

Introductory Offer
As an OCAD 11 or OCAD 12 users, you can profit from an attractive Introductory Offer. Updates of OCAD 11 or OCAD 12 licenses to OCAD 2018 will benefit from 20% or 40% discount until 31.10.2018.

New Homepage
Last but not least: Our homepage has been renewed from scratch. There you can also download a 21-Day-Trial or the OCAD Viewer for free. Take a look!

All you need to know about OCAD 2018, details on terms and the pricing can be found on our Homepage or in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).