Monthly Archives: January 2024

Upcoming OCAD Events

Two events are taking place this week in which OCAD reports on news and newly added functions. Both events can be followed online via Microsoft Teams.

– British Orienteering Development Conference
Thursday, 18.01.2024 | 20:00 – 21:30 Swiss time (UTC+1)
English language.
More information and registration.

РSwiss Orienteering Mapping Conference (Kärtelertagung)
Saturday, 20.01.2024 | 13:30-17:00 Swiss time (UTC+1 )
German language.
More information and registration (deadline 17.01.2024)
In the morning, OCAD offers an OCAD Sketch App workshop, which can not be followed online.

Review of OCAD Development 2023

We hope you all had a good start to the new year and wish you all the best for 2024.

In this blog post, we take a look at what has been added to OCAD over the last year in terms of functionality and learning aids.

OCAD Route Analyzer 2.0

The Route Analyzer 2.0 now also takes into account the relief and the runnability. With it, the fastest routes can be calculated in urban as well as in classic forest terrain.

Optimized DEM for Course Setting Available

To ensures that the climbing and slope gradient are included in the route calculation of Route Analyzer 2.0, an optimized elevation model can be embedded directly into the map or course setting file. This significantly reduces the file size of the DEM and makes it easier to exchange.

OCAD Sketch App Improvements

Improvements have also been made to the OCAD Sketch App:
– A scale bar to improve the distance feeling within the app
– Additional colors for sketching
– Improved position display of the internal GPS on Android devices

Learning Aids

  • OCAD Basics
    An exercise, that teaches both basic and advanced drawing and editing functions in an interactive way. Available in different languages.
  • Recordings on YouTube
    Webinar on creating and using base data for orienteering maps.
    Video on how to create a digital elevation model.
  • Symbol Sets

The following symbol sets have been updated in 2023:
ISCD 2024