Monthly Archives: November 2021

OCAD runs on Windows 11

Microsoft has recently released a new update with Windows 11, which can be installed on newer computers.

We have tested OCAD on Windows 11 and have not encountered any problems or received any reports from other users.

OCAD can be used as usual on Windows 11. Only the dialogs appear in a slightly different style.

Copy Obejcts and Symbols between Maps

Did it ever happen to you that you wanted to add objects or symbols from one map to another map?

As long as the symbols, respectively color table of the two maps is identical, a simple copy/paste is sufficient.

It becomes more challenging if this is not the case. That’s why we have created an OCAD Wiki page called Copy from Map to Map for this purpose.

You also learn how to create an own symbol set with custom symbols.

Custom Symbol Set in OCAD with own symbols