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Color Definitions for Orienteering Maps

The International Orienteering Federation IOF has updated the recommendations for Printing and Color Definitions according to modern practices.

OCAD implemented the new color specification in the latest OCAD 2018 Service Update. Download this Service Update from the OCAD Help menu.

You can read the Appendix to ISOM 2017, which explains the background of the update and the different printing techniques, here: ISOM 2017 Appendix 1 – CMYK Printing and Colour Definitions.

Copy and Export Course Scheme

In the Course Setting Module of OCAD, you can now either copy the Course Scheme to clipboard as Bitmap or export it in a new .ocd-File. If you prepare a map with all controls for a relay, add the Course Scheme to keep track of your courses.


To Copy the Course Scheme, simply click on the corresponding icon on the lower right corner.

To Export the Course Scheme, choose the corresponding command in the Export submenu of the Course Setting menu. Later you can import this file into your course setting project.

Vectorize automatically cliff features

A new function has been added to the latest OCAD 2018 Service Update: Vectorize automatically cliff features.

With OCAD, you can now automatically convert cliff features from the Slope Gradient calculation into vector symbols.

Please find more information in our Wiki.

To use this function, you need the latest OCAD 2018 Service Update, which can be downloaded from the Help -> OCAD Service Update function in the OCAD program.

Move neighboring segments and congruent vertices

If you have objects with congruent vertices and/or neighbouring segments, you can move their vertices and segments together.
First select the vertex or the segment to be shifted, then press the Tabulator key and move the vertex/segment.

For Animation and more Information, please visit our Wiki.