Compare two OCAD files

This blog post is about how to compare 2 versions of an OCAD file.

What are possible ways to find out what has changed at object level between two versions of a file?

#01: Select by Date

You can select objects by their Creation date or Modification date in the menu Select > Select by date.

You will get a list of all objects which have been created or modified during a specified period of time.

  • It’s possible to sort the values in the list by double clicking on the top row.
  • Click on a object in the list to move the view to the corresponding object.
  • You can save this selection, reload it and loop through it with the Find Selected Objects icon.

#02: Load as background map

Another method is a visual inspection by loading one map as a background map.

  • Open one version, e.g. Bürenflue_V01.
  • Go to menu Background Map > Open.
  • Open the other version as background map, e.g. Bürenflue_V02.
  • Go to menu View, set the Draft Mode and adjust the transparency for the map and the background map with the slider.

#03 Tile window

You can also open both files and tile the window vertically for visual inspection.

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