Symbol Set for School Orienteering Maps

Until recently, there were many symbol sets for drawing school orienteering maps. Therefore, the IOF Map Commission has been commissioned to produce a simple set of symbols for school maps for scale 1:1000 to 1:2500. The basis for the symbol set for school orienteering maps is the ISSprOM 2019. All symbols of ISSprOM 2019 have been enlarged to 125% and 6 additional symbols have been added (see pictures below).

If you like to use this symbol set in OCAD:
– File > New
– Map type: Orienteering map
– Load symbol set from: Symbol Set for School Orienteering Maps 2019.ocd

The default Map scale is 1:1’000. If you like to draw your map in a different scale, just enter the desired scale. Do not Scale symbols.

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2 thoughts on “Symbol Set for School Orienteering Maps

  1. Andrea Schneider

    When opening the school set in 1:1,000, the distance between N lines is 37.5 m which is a rather odd distance, especially when trying to use it with school children!

    1. OCAD Team Post author

      Hi Andrea
      I agree it’s odd. but we just stuck to the IOF document SYMBOL SET FOR SCHOOL ORIENTEERING MAPS 2019.pdf, which says:
      “All symbols of ISSprOM 2019 are enlarged to 125%.”
      In ISSprOM 2019 the distance is 30mm, so it’s 37.5mm in the school set.
      If you like, you can edit the symbol and change the distance for yourself.


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