Did you know? Free licenses for OCAD training courses!

We regularly receive requests from orienteering clubs who are planning a course setting or mapping course for their members and need OCAD licenses.

We are happy to provide a free OCAD training license for this purpose. The license can be installed and used by the members on their own devices for the duration of the training course.

– Training license for a 2 week course setting course with 5 participants.
– Training license for a 5 week map making course with 20 participants.

Unlike the OCAD Trial version, the training license does not contain any restrictions and can also be used by users who have already installed an OCAD Trial version.

How do I get a license?
Send an email to info@ocad.com with the following information:
– Club name
– Which edition you want (OCAD Course Setting, OCAD Starter, OCAD Orienteering)
– Course start date
– Course end date
– Number of expected participants

We look forward to hearing from you!

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