OCAD Internet Map

With the further enhanced OCAD Internet Map export assistant OIM got more flexible than before.

The language of the default user interface can now be customized during the export:

10-02-2014 11-01-27

UI language customization

Furthermore each POI layer can be customized to show specific details to


General POI layer settings

As for Point POI’s the customization can be done for fill and stroke colors, radius and opacity.

Point POI settings

Point POI settings

The latest Service Update for OCAD 11 can be downloaded at our download page. https://www.ocad.com/en/downloads

3 thoughts on “OCAD Internet Map

  1. Erkki Rope

    Can I use OIM files which I have made with Ocad 9 pro version in new ocad with OIM capability.
    Or is there a substitute for flash witch is working with ocad 9 files?


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