New Course Setting Project Wizard

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Choose this command from the File menu to create a new course setting project.

This wizard guides you through the first steps like setting an event title and loading a map file in the background layer.

Event Information


Map file, symbol set and language

  • Choose the Map File. The scale of the map will appear automatically.
  • Choose which Symbol Set you want to load. You can browse to any folder.
  • If available, choose the Language of the Symbol Set
  • Enter the Name of the Course Setting Project and browse to the location where you want to save the file.



  • Check the option Load courses and classes from another from another course setting file.
    Browse to a already existing Course Setting Project, from which you want to import Courses and Classes. This can be the case, if you organise an orienteering competition regulary.
  • Check Load also course setting option from this file if all Course Setting Options from this file should be adopted.
  • Specify the Distance from circle to connection line.
  • Activate White Outline on Control Number, if wanted.
  • Click on Create to set up the Course Setting Project and to close the Wizard.