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OCAD 12 is released! The Beta test expires on 2nd of November 2015.

Welcome to the OCAD 12 Beta test!

General Information

We are pleased to announce the release of OCAD 12 Beta Test Version. OCAD 12 offers many new features and numerous improvements, which facilitate map-making and thus your work.

It is a precondition that OCAD 11 Orienteering Standard or Professional edition is installed and activated on the same computer.

Those who buy OCAD 11 Orienteering Standard or Professional during the Beta testing stage, receive an update to OCAD 12 for free after its official release.

What is New in OCAD 12

Alpha Tester

We recommend to uninstall OCAD 12 Alpha before installing OCAD 12 Beta.

OCAD 12 Beta

  • The software is available in 14 different languages. But all new texts are not yet translated into any other languages than English, French and German.
  • The current OCAD 12 Beta version is quite stable. However there are still some bugs in the software.
  • Please backup your file from time to time. It is possible to save the OCAD 12 files in OCAD 10/11 file format.

64-bit Version vs. 32-bit Version

OCAD 12 Beta is new available as 64-bit version. However, we have still also a 32-bit version. The OCAD Beta Setup installs both versions. Both versions uses the same resources, nevertheless it is possible to run both version at the same time. The installer creates a program shortcut for each version. Please note, the 64-bit version isn't faster than the 32-bit version. The big advantage of 64-bit is that OCAD can allocate more than 3 GB RAM if available on the computer. That is important when loading huge raster background maps or DEM files.

You can check your Windows version in the OCAD map information dialog.

OCAD 64-bit runs only in Windows 64-bit version. Nowadays, most computers are running on a 64-bit Windows version. OCAD 32-bit runs on both Windows 64-bit and 32-bit. The ocd files are 100% compatible between both versions.

Please note that not all OCAD functions are available in both versions. The restrictions for OCAD 64-bit version are:

  • dbf database file cannot be used
  • GPS Real Time via COM interface does not work
  • Laser Range Finder does not work

Known Issues of OCAD 12 Beta

  • Thematic Mapper Wizard: works only with 32-bit
  • Multi Representation: not complete and implemented

Bug Reporting

If you detect any bugs, please send us a short report at with the ocd file attached. Send only one email per bug (no bug lists), please! This will help us, to handle the bugs much easier.

OCAD 12 Wiki

Beta Release Notes



During the setup you must enter the OCAD 11 license information. No activation or registration is necessary.

Each Beta version runs about 21 days. The remaining days are visible in the splash during the startup.

We will provide approximately each 15 days a new version with fixed bugs and new features.

Please test OCAD 12 always with the latest version.

During the startup OCAD checks automatically for a new Beta update.



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