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This function is only available in the OCAD 11 Enterprise Edition.

Diese Funktion ist in OCAD 11 nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Project Rights

Click the Icon RightsManagement.PNG Rights Management icon in the Client Server toolbar to manage users rights on the project. The Rights Management dialog appears.


The Client Server Architecture differentiates between server permissions and project permissions. In this dialog all users who have access to the server are listed. Click one in the Users tree to show its rights. Two lists are shown: The list with the Rights granted and the list with the rights Possible to grant. Rights can be moved between those two lists by drag and drop. Click the Update button when finished. Click the Revert button to go back to the previous settings. The creator of the project can grant rights to the users by default.

Server Rights

The server permissions can be adjusted in the Load and Manage Client Server Projects dialog by clicking the Manager button in the project user section. In the Manage project users dialog users can be created, updated and deleted. Also the rights to:

  • Create project
  • Clear projects
  • Delete projects
  • Manage project user

can be assigned.


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