Installation of the Client Server Architecture

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This function is only available in the OCAD 11 Enterprise Edition.

Diese Funktion ist in OCAD 11 nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Installation of the PostgreSQL Server

To use OCAD 11 Enterprise with the Client Server Module a database server is required. Therfore an installation of PostgreSQL with Version 9.1 or above is needed. On the PostgreSQL Download page binary packages for different plattforms can be found.

PostgreSQL Server Setup

After downloading and installing the package the PostgreSQL Server must be configured to allow connections from your local area network or the internet. To enable this the file postgresql.conf in your data folder must be edited with your favorite editor.

The Value listen_addresses must be set to your local IP or * to listen to any IP on the system.

As a second step, your local network must be set to allow connections to the postgresql server. This is defined in the pg_hba.conf in your data folder. Also open this file with your favorite editor. To allow a certain network enter the following line:

host  all all  password

This allows all host on the network (means all IP's with are allowed to connect by password.

After all changes the PostgreSQL Service must be restarted. On a Windows system under Service manager on Linux with service postgresql-9.1 restart or /etc/init.d/postgresql-9.1 restart,on FreeBSD /etc/rc.d/postgresql-9.1 restart.

Installation in OCAD

After successfully installing the PostgreSQL server OCAD Cient Server Architecture Setup can be executed. In order do setup a new server the so called initial setup must be used. This creates the databases and users needed to connect to the PostgreSQL server with OCAD Enterprise.

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