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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Choose this command for printing courses.


Select the printer to print the map. In the box you can select one of the installed Windows printer drivers. Click the Properties button to change printing options.


Check this field to print the map in landscape format.


  • Entire map: Select this option to print the entire map. If the map is too large for one page, it will be printed on several pages.
  • Partial map: Select this option to print a part of the map. Click Setup to define the partial map to be printed. The dialog box Setup Partial Map (Printing) appears. Click the button Entire Map to print the entire map. Click the button Current View to print the currently on the screen displayed map.
  • One page: Select this option to print one page of paper of the map. Click the button Setup to define the region to be printed. The dialog box Setup One Page appears.
  • Course only on already printed map: Select this option if you want to print courses on existing maps or if you want to make printing films for courses. If this is activated, only one page is printed. Click Setup to define the region to be printed. The dialog box Course only appears.


Courses: Choose courses to print the courses.

Classes: Choose classes to print the classes. You can assign classes to a course in dialog box Classes.

Select here the courses or classes to be printed.

You can select a range of courses or classes:

Click the Select all button to select all courses or classes.

Map scale

This line shows the scale of the map. Choose Scale and Coordinate System from the Map menu to set the map scale.

Print scale

Enter the scale for the printed map. You can enter the scale on the keyboard, or choose one of the predefined scales. If the print scale is different from the map scale, the map and the symbols are enlarged/reduced according to the ratio of the 2 scales.


Enter the number of copies to be printed.


Click this button to change printing options (intensity, line width, grid). The dialog box Printing options appears.

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