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[[File:AlsDataImport 5.png]]
[[File:AlsDataImport 5.png]]
== Generated Base Maps==
* OCAD changes to the Entire View.
[[File:AlsDataImport 6.png]]
[[File:AlsDataImport 7.png]]

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This tutorial shows how to generate in OCAD 12 an orienteering base map with the Airborne Laserscanning (ALS) test data from Landmäteriet in Sweden.

Link to the data:

Open New File

  • File -> New -> Orienteering map: Choose a file for orienteering maps.
  • Save the created new file File -> Save

Import the Additional Symbol for the Contour Lines from ALS Data

  • Press the Shift key and click File -> Import: OCAD opens the file chooser in Templates folder. Choose the file 'Template DEM Contour Lines.ocd'.
  • In Import OCAD Map dialog choose the options Import all Symbols and colors and Import colors at the top of the color table. Click OK.

AlsDataImport 1.png

OCAD added 3 new symbols for the contour lines (1m, 5m, 25m) at the end of the symbol table.

AlsDataImport 2.png

Import ALS Data

  • Click DEM -> Import. The DEM Import Wizard appears.
  • Click Add and choose the four ALS tiles in rar file format.

AlsDataImport 3.png

  • Click Next. OCAD reads the ALS data. This takes some seconds.

Create Base Maps

  • Click Next 2 times.
  • Change the 3 line symbols to the imported symbols.

AlsDataImport 4.png

  • Click Next 5 times until OCAD starts with the generation process.
  • Click OK when OCAD ask to georeference the map. This takes some minutes.

AlsDataImport 5.png

Generated Base Maps

  • OCAD changes to the Entire View.

AlsDataImport 6.png

AlsDataImport 7.png