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This function helps you to update your map to the latest ISOM 2017-2 standart. There will be approximately 15 changes to your Symbol Set.

Achtung.PNG This function is a BETA version and will be developped further.

Update Symbol Set Space.PNGThis function is available in OCAD Mapping Solution.This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.

  1. Choose Update Symbol Set in the Map menu. The Update Symbol Set dialog box appears.
  2. Click on Update

Comparison ISOM2017.png

Template Symbol Set

The template is called Orienteering Map ISOM 2017 15000.ocd
You can't edit this field.

Symbol Scaling

The template symbol set is in 15'000 scale.
If you update a 10'000 map, you need to scale the symbols by 150%.
If you update a 15'000 map, you leave the value at 100%.


not yet supported
That means, the updated symbols will be in English.


A list of changes will be shown after the update.

ISOM 2017 Comparison.png

Dialog box after updating a 1:10’000 map from ISOM 2017 to ISOM 2017-2

ISOM 2017 Comparison 15000.png

Dialog box after updating a 1:15’000 map from ISOM 2017 to ISOM 2017-2