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This function is available in OCAD Mapping Solution.This function is available in OCAD Orienteering.This function is available in OCAD Starter.This function is available in OCAD Course Setting.

(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

Choose the Courses command in the Print submenu of the Course Setting menu to print courses.

The Print Courses box appears on the right side of the screen. Adjust the settings which can be made in the Printer, Page handling, Scale and Options part with help of the Printing Maps page. The differences of the Print Courses to the Print box are that there is no Color field but in addition a Select Courses/Classes field. The Print map size field has the extra option Course only on already printed map.

Print Course Only

Choose the Course only on already printed map option from the Print map size part of the Print Courses box. Click the Setup.JPG Setup button.

The Course Only dialog appears:


Adjust bottom left corner of the print range:

  • Intervall: Set the interval step for 1 click on an adjustment button (Left, Up, Right, Down).
  • Left, Up, Right, Down: Click on the adjustment buttons Left, Up, Right or Down to adjust the print range in relation to the map. The left/right and up/down adjustment is displayed on the left side of the dialog box, in the Adjustment part.
  • Horizontal Scaling, Vertical Scaling: Enter here a scaling to adjust the course to an already printed map. Normally you will need here only very small corrections (99...101%) caused by the shrinking of the paper.
  • Print black: Activate this option if the courses should be printed in black. Use this setting for making printing films.
  • Mirror: Activate this option if the courses should be mirrored. This is used for making printing films on laser or inkjet printers.

Select Courses/Classes

Choose wheter you want to select Courses or Classes. Select all courses/classes to be printed. Select several courses/classes by holding the Ctrl key or all courses/classes by clicking the All button.

Print Relay Courses

Relay courses normally have variations. The start number and the leg number define the course for a specific runner. You can anytime reprint the course for a specific runner under the condition that nothing in the variations has been changed.

Read the Print a Relay Course article for more information.

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