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Icon Join.PNG Join button

This command is active if a line object is selected.

Choose this command to adjust adjoining line ends to coincide. They are adjusted only to join line objects with the same symbol. This is especially useful when continuing a line object such as a contour. Note that the objects remain independent objects, but now the end vertices have the same coordinates. Choose Merge command to merge objects.

When Automatic Joining in the toolbar is activated, lines are automatically joined when they are drawn.

Select Duplicate Objects

This command compares all map objects with each-other. If two objects are identical one object it is selected.

Select Self-Intersected Objects

This command selects all line, area and line text objects with a self-intersecting geometry.

Select Line Text Objects with too Short Line

This command selects all line text objects whose text is longer than the line length. This may happened when the text symbol's font size was increased.

Close Area Objects


Remove Overshoots and Undershoots


Insert Intersections