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Choose this command to create a new symbol. The New Symbol dialog box is displayed. Check the desired symbol type and click OK. A dialog box is shown where the parameters of the symbol can be defined, varying according to the symbol type.

For basic principles see Create a New Symbol.

  • Point symbol: Symbol for point objects.
  • Line symbol: Symbol for line objects.
  • Area symbol: Symbol for area objects.
  • Text symbol: Symbol for text.
Hint.jpg For every text style, a separate symbol is required.
  • Line text symbol: Line text symbols are used for text along curved lines.
  • Rectangle symbols: Symbol for rectangular frames.


Choose this command to edit the currently selected symbol. According to the symbol type a dialog box is displayed where the parameters of the symbol can be modified.


Choose this command to draw or edit the icon for the selected symbol. The Edit Icon dialog box appears, which contains a simple paint program. The icon is displayed in the symbol box.

Drawing tool

Choose one of the drawing tools:

  • Pen: Draw single pixels
  • Line: Draw straight lines
  • Rectangle: Draw rectangle
  • Filled rectangles: Draw filled rectangle
  • Circle: Draw circle
  • Filled circle: Draw dot (filled circle)
  • Fill: Fill area with selected color
  • Selection: Select rectangle
  • Rotate the icon 90 degrees counterclockwise
  • Rotate the icon 90 degrees clockwise
  • Copy: Copy the selected area
  • Paste: Paste the copied area
  • Paint: Start Microsoft Paint


Choose one of the 26 colors.

Enlarge Reduce

Choose this command to enlarge or reduce the selected symbol(s) or all symbols.


Enter here a percentage value to enlarge or reduce the symbol(s). A value of 100 means that the size of the symbol remains the same. A value smaller than 100 means the size of the symbol is reduced, a value greater than 100 means the size of the symbol is enlarged.

All symbols

If this check box is checked, then all symbols are enlarged/reduced. If it is not checked, only the selected symbol(s) are enlarged/reduced.


Choose this command to copy the selected symbol(s) to the clipboard.

If a symbol has been copied to the clipboard, choose Paste from the Symbol menu to copy it to another map.


This command is activated if the clipboard contains one or more OCAD symbols.

Choose this command to copy a symbol or a group of symbols in the clipboard to the current map. If a symbol number already exists, it is changed to the next free number. Use Copy from the Symbol menu to copy symbols to the clipboard.


Choose this command to delete the selected symbol(s). A confirmation message appears before the symbols are removed from the symbol box.

If a deleted symbol is used in the map, the respective objects are not deleted, but appear gray (as unsymbolized objects).


Choose this command to duplicate (create a copy of) the selected symbol(s). The duplicated symbols get the next free symbol number.

If one symbol is selected, the duplicated symbol is inserted after the selected symbol; otherwise the duplicated symbols are appended at the end of the symbol box.

Replace Font in Symbols


Replace Color in Symbols



Choose this command to change the selected symbols to Normal. Normal means that they are not protected and not hidden. Objects with symbols in the normal state are displayed on the screen and can be drawn, edited and deleted.


Choose this command to protect the selected symbol(s). Objects with a protected symbol are visible but cannot be edited.

Protected symbols appear with a gray diagonal in the symbol box.


Choose this command to hide the selected symbols. Objects with a hidden symbol are not visible.

Hidden symbols appear with a gray cross (x) in the symbol box.