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This function is only available in the OCAD 11 Enterprise Edition.

Diese Funktion ist in OCAD 11 nur in Englisch verfügbar.

The Client Server function is part of the OCAD Enterprise Edition. It is planned to be released in fall 2012. Currently, it is tested in an private BETA phase. Note that functions, dialogs and terms may change during the BETA test. Therefore, functions may be different at the time of the release.


With the Client Server Architecture (CSA) different user can work simultaneously at the same project. The collaboration can be achieved either internally (within a company) or distributed over the internet. A VPN connection is recommended. For fieldwork it is also possible to take a part of the map offline and resync the changes with the SCA-project after finishing the fieldwork.

Tech Specs

OCAD Enterprise


  • Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1), Windows 7 oder Windows 8
  • Minimum of 512MB Memory
  • Minimum of 100MB Harddisk space


  • Minimum of 256 MB of physical RAM
  • Minimum of 2 GB of available hard drive space
  • System: Windows (Server 2003, 2008) or Linux
  • PostgreSQL 9.1 or newer


Installation of the Client Server Architecture
Create a New CSA Project
First Loading of CSA Project
Working on a CSA Project
Raster Background Maps in CSA
Rights Management
Database Connected Data in CSA

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