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Icon New.PNG New button (Standard toolbar)

Choose this command to create a new, empty map. The New Map dialog box is displayed. Choose a symbol set in this dialog box for the new map.


Icon Open.PNG Open button (Standard toolbar)

Choose this command to open an existing map. The Open file dialog box is displayed.

If the map was created with an earlier OCAD version, you will be asked if you want to convert it to the OCAD 10 format. If you answer No then the map will not be opened.

Note: Do not use this command to restore a backup copy from a floppy disk created with the Backup command. Use the Restore command instead for this purpose

Open Sample Map

This command opens the File Open dialog with the OCAD sample files. The sample files are saved in the OCAD program subfolder 'Samples' (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\OCAD\OCAD 11\Samples' ).



Save as

Open Recently Exported Documents

Open Recently Used OCAD Files