Publish Your Map as Interactive Version in the Internet.


The OCAD Internet Map (OIM) export is based on HTML and JavaScript (OpenLayers) standards. This allows you to create an interactive internet map version of your map with only a few clicks Parameters for zoom level, zoom range, layout, overview maps, search- and hotspot functions with hyperlinks (incl. for dynamic Webpage with database connection) as well as for every zoom level specific selectable maps (multirepresentative design). Due to tiled map a quick screen layout is guaranteed.

The manual for creating an OCAD internet map you find in OCAD 12 Wiki, «OCAD Internet Map».

Export Your Data Into Planet Browser.


Looking up places with the planet browsers Google Earth and Virtual Earth has changed tremendously. However, with OCAD you can export your whole map into the KML format or you can visualize the approach to your destination. Even more, you can export the approach track in GPX format. This file can be loaded into a GPS device as you navigate to the destination.