Enlarge Your Cursor Again

The current OCAD 12 Service Update fixes a problem with the drawing and editing cursor introduced with the new Windows 10 Creators Update. After installing the Windows 10 Creators Update, the OCAD cursor was very small on computers with high-DPI monitors (often laptops).


Check the option Scale cursor size in the OCAD Preferences to enlarge the cursor to the default size.


5 thoughts on “Enlarge Your Cursor Again

        1. OCAD Team

          Thanks for the feedback.

          We have fixed this problem in the current OCAD 12 version, but not is earlier OCAD versions.
          We recommend you to update to the current OCAD 12 version.

          The OCAD Team

          1. RikeN

            I think, that its not good solution for me, only for you. I am not very active user, and 500 € is big money for me.

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